The new limited-edition can

The can has two slots on top you can secure the phone into. Slide your phone in and shoot your shot.








Bull on the blacktop

The hard part is landing the trick but the hardest part is getting it to look cool in a video. We’ll show the athletes where the sweet spot is to film so we get all their awesomeness in frame





Red bull activation

A Red Bull vending machine shows you how it’s done. The camera on top records the action and once you’ve nailed the trick, you can get it sent to you. The clip is encoded onto the can so scan it and share your triumph at the park with the world.





Custom Decks

Skateparks have their own identity. The vending machines give out cans styled after the graffiti that defines each park.



parallax background


Nicolina Angervall (AD) Mike Bottorff (CW)



© 2019 Nicolina Angervall + Mike Bottorff